All of us are becoming more health conscious. We need to make the right choices in our goal to better health and
we need to start by taking a look at eating habits. A new direction toward better health should include a recommended  portion of flaxseed in our diets every single day.

 Like most other products, flaxseed is available in a variety of presentations and quality standards.

We at AGSFLAX are committed to offering only the highest quality at the most reasonable possible prices.





   In addition to the flax products themselves we are delighted to offer you two of the finest books we have been able to find on flax. Jane Reinhardt – Martin is a registered and licensed dietician. “Dietician Jane” knows her flaxseed.

 In her book “Flax Your Way To Better Health” she tells in easy to understand language how flax can fight illness:

·         Chapter 2 “Flax Fights Cancer”.

·         Chapter 3 – “Flax Fights Heart Disease”.

·         Chapter 4 – “From Diabetes to Menopause”.  

This book provides a wealth of information from a most credible source on why flaxseed in our diet is so important. As word spread about this book, her clientele demanded more flax recipes.

 In her second book “The Amazing Flax Cookbook” she teamed up with Certified Executive Chef Ron Garrett to bring you over 200 delicious recipes. Every single one includes flaxseed. The book spells out 2 weeks worth of calculated meal plans to provide a variety of foods in each of 1500, 1800, and 2200 calorie levels. Recipes include:

·         breakfast foods

·         soups

·         casseroles

·         Mexican dishes

·         main dishes

·         salads

·         desserts

·         much more

We will be bringing you other flax products in the months to come.

At our family farm located near Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba’s Parkland region we grow flaxseed.
Over the upcoming months, we will take you on a virtual tour of the flax growing phases from soil preparation to seeding
to the various stages of growth of the flax plant (including the beautiful flowering stage) right on to harvest.
You’ll learn a lot about this humble but most therapeutic of seeds.



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