AGSFLAX is a part of Advanced Grain Systems Ltd. Founded in 1993 Advanced Grain Systems Ltd. was originally involved in designing and building custom grain handling and processing facilities. Over the years projects were completed in the Canadian provinces of Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta as well as the States of North Dakota, South Dakota, Arizona and New Mexico in the USA.

Since our home base is located in an agricultural area where flaxseed is an important crop and opportunities were emerging in the flax business, our focus changed from equipment to the flaxseed business itself. In 1999 at our initiative a group of investors agreed to proceed with a flax plant project. Advanced Grain Systems Ltd. was hired to re tool and re build an existing plant. That project was completed on time and under budget. Upon completion, family members were hired to manage and operate the business. The business was profitable from its first year of production and never looked back throughout our involvement.

In 2005 having parted ways with the investor group, a new plant was built along the CPR rail line at Westroc (between Westbourne and Gladstone, Manitoba, Canada). Our main focus was in 2 areas:

1.      We built our plant to receive bulk flaxseed from producers, to clean that flaxseed and to ship via bulk truck or bulk rail carloads. Most of it is shipped in bulk rail hopper carloads. After reaching its destination the flaxseed is farther processed and blended with other ingredients to create new products. These new products are used by food manufacturers and are incorporated into many of the foods on your grocery store’s shelves.

2.      We planned to sell directly to consumers the best in flaxseed and flax based products via AGSFLAX.COM.

We are very pleased to announce that AGSFLAX.COM is now fully operational.



We look forward to serving you as you “Flax Your Way to Better Health”.

 Remember to check in often. Our virtual tour on growing flaxseed will begin soon.