Why Flax?

-                  Plant source of Omega-3 fatty acids – the GOOD fat.

-          High in Lignan content. Lignans are considered by many doctors as “natural cancer-protective compounds.”

-          Amazing nutrient composition providing a whole host of nutritional benefits.

-          Low in digestible carbohydrates while rich in plant protein.

-          Excellent source of dietary fiber both soluble and insoluble.

-          Helps improve laxation and prevent constipation.

-          Provides essential nutrients.

-          Flaxseed fights diseases.

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How Do I Use Flax?

-          Can be taken directly. It has a pleasant mild nutty flavor.

-          Can be sprinkled over salads and cereals, whole or ground.

-          Can be mixed with juices or other favorite drink when ground.

-          Can be mixed with yogurt and many other foods.

-          Can be incorporated into hundreds of delicious food dishes.

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Why Whole Flax?

-          Greater bulk density so that 40% more product by weight can be stored in the same container space.
     Reduces shipping cost and shelf storage space.

-          No expiry date. Whole flax can be stored at room temperature indefinitely.

-          Peace of mind.

*   Ground flaxseed that is not properly stabilized does begin to deteriorate as soon as it is ground. The quality of the flaxseed used often determines how rapidly rancidity progresses. If you have ever tasted ground flaxseed that burns your throat as you swallow, you have eaten rancid ground flaxseed.

*   If your recipe calls for ground flaxseed simply grind as much as you need for optimum freshness.


You have the option. Use whole or grind yourself for optimum freshness.


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